Solar PV System

On Grid Solar PV

When we mention on-grid PV system, note that the PV system will always be connected to the utilities’ grid. Without the grid, the PV won’t work.


So the decision is whether you want to use the PV’s electrical energy for own consumption or you want to sell it all to the utility company (with Feed-in Tariff a.k.a FiT or soon to be implemented; nett metering).

Off Grid Solar PV

With off-grid PV solution, you will be 100% depending on the SUN for your source of electricity – which is GOOD! – since the sun is the most reliable and abundance source of energy.


Off-grid solar offers you the ease of mind and hassle free since you don’t have to pay for your elctricity bill anymore.


YES! FREE electricity.

Mobile Solar Floodlight

Using the off-grid technology, GWsb have come up with this indigenous product where our first customer are using this Mobile Solar Floodlight in their construction site for their late night works.


This product also can be used in places of worship such as; mosque, surau, church, temple etc. It is suitable to provide illumination to dark places in order to combat crimes and other illegal activities. The best part is, one do not need to lay any cabling works or using diesel to fuel the generator.

Mobile Solar Kiosk

Hawkers and food merchants always use mobile kiosk to sell their food since it is a cheaper solution compared to owning a restaurant.